Last Update: Dec 15, 2009

Note: ekhabbar, the web edition of Khabbar is published on the web a quarter after the hard copy of Khabbar has been mailed to ALL dues paying families in North America. Families wanting to get the latest issue of Khabbar, please, click SUBSCRIPTION FORM .



Probably the most important question any North American Konkani could ask. Since being into existence since 1977, the Advisory Committee of Khabbar took this opportunity to help a Konakni Research Scholar (Sri Narayan Desai of Ponda, Goa) in his quest for knowing all about Khabbar.

What is Khabbar?
Khabbar is the only North American Quarterly Newsletter catered to the social and cultural needs of the Konkani community in North America.

How did Khabbar start?
The brainchild of Dr. Vasudev Nayak (Mays Landing, NJ) was a newsletter for Konkani Sabha in the mid 70's to publish news items for Konkani families in the tristate area of NY/NJ/CT. The previous editors were Ravindra Nayak (Flanders, NJ), Damodar Baliga, (Brooklyn, NY), and Nina Padukone, (New York, NY). It was Nina who coined the name "Khabbar" to this Newsletter. I took over in early 80's as the Honorary Editor.

How did Khabbar grow up from a local Newsletter to a national quarterly?
Well, the popularity of this Newsletter gained acceptance nationwide. So, in 1987, Khabbar became an independent Newsletter serving the social and cultural needs of the Konkani Community in North America.

What is the format?
A simple 20-page newsletter format, Khabbar uses English script.

What is Khabbar organization like?
An Advisory Committee and Editorial Committee overlooks all aspects of the publication.

What is the subscription rate?
The annual dues are $10.00 per family. From Year 2000 it will be $15.00 a year for hard copy and the electronic version, eKhabbar is FREE

What do subscribers get for the dues?
4 quarterly issues of Khabbar, Annual Khabbar Mailing List and discounted advertisement rates.

Can anybody pay more than regular dues?
Certainly! The Advisory Committee of Khabbar has decided on publishing the names of the families that have paid $50.00 or more a year in dues.

Is there a life subscription to Khabbar?
No! Subscribers are encouraged to pay the dues for the current year and/or past arrears.

Does anybody get Khabbar free?
Students used to get Khabbar free as long as they maintained their mailing address current. Also, Konkani community and religious leaders all over the world get complimentary copies of Khabbar. And, from Year 2000 onwards, the electronic version, eKhabbar is FREE. Log on to www.ekhabbar.com. The ekhabbar will be on the web a quarter after the hard copy of Khabbar has been mailed to all the dues paying families.

What is the circulation rate?
Khabbar reaches over 2,160 families in North America. In the beginning the circulation rate was around 250.

How can a Konkani family in North America get "Khabbarized".
Normally, friends introduce Khabbar to the Konkani families in North America. A complimentary copy of Khabbar will be sent to the new Konkani family and that name goes into the Khabbar Mailing List. Once, a name gets in the mailing list, that name stays there irrespective whether the family pays the dues or not. The family must request that their name be deleted from the list.

How does the news item get published?
All subscribers and designated unofficial "Official" Khabbar correspondents send in the news (Child's academic achievement, promotion, obituary, etc). The Khabbar correspondents gather news on the basis "If it did not appear in Khabbar, then it did not happen in North America!". In the beginning this was a major task but, nowadays, most of the news items pour in voluntarily. Moreover, articles of interest pour in on a regular basis. Khabbar makes extra efforts in publishing Konkani success stories, Konkani Charity efforts, etc.