Khabbar – Konnection from North America to Oman!

In early March 2016, Khabbar was contacted by Dr. Samskrati G. Shenoy from Oman and the conversations and developments went as follows:



Namaskaru Vasanth maam. I am Samskrati, Omkar Gulvady's niece. Santoshkumar Gulvady's daughter. I live in Muscat - Oman. While speaking to Omkar bappa this evening he was mentioning about your Konkani association activities at US and gave me your number. Glad to hear about that. We amchis in Oman recently held a Ekko - Akhand Bhajan.My brother in law Sapan Shenoy who lives in Monrovia, CA is planning to attend the Konkani Sammelan – 2016.



Thanks Samskrati. I know your dad well. He was in the US in the 90’s when I met him. I know Sapan too. Small world. Good to hear from you. Thanks



Nice to see your reply maam. Anu visited US in 1992. We were all there too! It's indeed a small world.... By the way, we at Oman have brought out a newsletter for the amchi community. Would like to share it with you. Can you please send me your email address?



Yes. The email is



Dear Vasanth Maam,Greetings!

I am glad to send you a copy of our Oman Amchigele Maadhyam (OAM). Thisfirst issue was printed and inaugurated/released during the firstAkhand Bhajan of the Oman Amchigele Kutumb of Oman in January 2016. Wehave made it as a quarterly, and the next issue is due in April.

It would be our honour to receive your feedback on OAM, and advice toimprove it further. We would be glad to have your message for ourupcoming issue.

Also, can I request you to please add me in your KHABBAR mailing list, so that we can learn from your experience?Seeking your blessings.Thanks and Regards,



Dear Samskrati,

Thanks for the inaugural issue of Oman Amchigele Maadhyam.

Let me congratulate on a job very well done. While reading the issue, I got the whole picture of the life of Amchies in Oman! As I was reading, I really felt I was in Oman even though I have never been in the Middle East!

I must compliment the six elders who were instrumental in forming this group in 1996. I was impressed by the monthly bhajans and other traditional functions held regularly. Kudos to the young cherkes whose enthusiasm kept up with the Konkani traditions alive in Oman.

It was an interesting read about the first event of the Kutumb. I was proud of Dr. Bola Rajendra Kamath’s service to the Ministry of Defense. Very fascinated by Ramdas Kamath and family’s ambassadorship in the forefront of keeping the Konkani culture alive. The article about the beauty Aish Nag compelled me to see her movie/s soon! Needless to say, I have to try the Udupi cuisine of Ammunje Jagadish Nayak. It was a fascinating reading about various group activities and other news about our community.

Your editorial skill reminds me of your father, Santhosh Kumar Gulvady. Great job and keep it up.

As an honorary editor of Khabbar, a North American Konkani quarterly, I too can relate to your enthusiasm of Konkani spirit. The reward one gets out of this communicating tool that keeps our community well informed is enormous. I want to wish you and the Oman Konkani community at large all the best.Thanks


Thank you very much for your encouraging words, Vasanth maam.

It was really so nice of you to spare time to go through OAM in detail and comment on each story. Your blessings and wishes motivate us further.Could you please send me your photo, so that we can include it along with your message? If possible, can you mail a few old issues of ‘Khabbar’? OAM is still in its infancy stage, and Khabbar is its mhalgadi akka!!



Dear Samskrati,

Thanks for your kind words and accepting Khabbar as OAM’s mhalgadi akka. I will be glad to assist OAM in any way but, I think, you are way ahead. Congrats on a great job.

Attached is my photo.

Khabbar is a North American Konkani Newsletter published on a quarterly basis and I’ve anhonorary editor for the last 35+ years. It is a 20 page format using English as a medium of communication. Most of the older Folks like to get Khabbar as a hard copy. So I have to print and mail it to them all over US and Canada. Since there is cost involved, these patrons pay $15/yr. for which they get 4 quarterly issues of Khabbar, the Khabbar annual mailing list and discounted advertisement rates. The Khabbar Mailing List is probably a priced possession of our community since it lists names and addresses and telephone of Konkanis in North America. A quarter later, that issue of Khabbar will be published on the website: where anyone can access it. Granted it is a crude website but serves the purpose.  This link will take you to back issues:

Thanks for your patronage to Khabbar



Dear Vasanthmaaam,

Ugadi greetings to you and your family.

Thank you for your photograph and the motivating message too. Excerpts from it have been used in the e-newsletter Oman Amchigele Maadhyam April 2016 issue which was released on the day of samsaar paadvo (8 April 2016).

I took a quick glance of a few old issues of Khabbar, and was happy to see that you cover pan-american Konkani activities, which is quite a herculean task!! Hats off to the meticulously done 'Khabbar'.

Here in Oman, we are circulating our Oman Amchigele Maadhyam (OAM) free of cost to the members registered in the Amchigele Kutumb database.

Got to know from dear Omkarbappa that he is attending and participating in the Atlanta Konkani conference. It would be a great occasion and a festive moment to interact with the samaj bandhavas. Kudos to the entire team behind it. How I wish I could attend the same with my family too, but due to work commitments, we will be unable to make it. Hopefully we can make it to the next one.

Seeking your blessings.  Thanks and regards,



Dear Samskrati,

Thanks for the yet another master piece, your second edition of the newsletter. I want to publish a one or two page article about yours and mine conversation and provide a link to both your e-newsletters (and future editions too) so Khabbar readers can read what is all happening in Oman! Once I finish that article, I will let you edit it before publishing it in Khabbar.

Thanks for your compliments about Khabbar.

I will be seeing your Omkarbappa during the sammelan. I am glad he made himself available.

Thanks again.


Here are the link to two OAM’s:

First issue - January 2016

Second issue - April 2016